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Paniced Manik Sarkar files defamation case against Sunil Deodhar after CM'S clean-image' was punctured : Deodhar says, 'He is a Big-Kejriwal, will be exposed soon'
Paniced  Manik Sarkar files defamation case against Sunil Deodhar after CM'S clean-image' was punctured : Deodhar says, 'He is a Big-Kejriwal, will be exposed soon'

AGARTAL, Aug 8 (TIWN): The battleground of Tripura Election-2018 is heating on iron plate with CM Manik Sarkar finally expressed his fear, anger against BJP State Observer Sunil Deodhar by filing a case against him who multiple times punctured Chief Minister's image. CPI-M state secretary Bijan Dhar recently expressed his panic over the national broadcasting of Tripura major scams. However, after the case was filed by CM Manik Sarkar against Sunil Deodhar under 'defamation', Dist judge Ruhidas Pal has issued a notice to Deodhar for his comments about CM Manik Sarkar. But, Sunil Deodhar on Monday at BJP's joining programme said, "Tripura Chief Minister is a big Kejriwal. This Kejriwal's scams we will expose in Tripura and will bring lotus here in 2018". Question raising, what Deodhar meant by that ?? Deodhar is such a leader has literally shaking the Melarmath comrades, led the Chief Minister Manik Sarkar to file case against the politician. It's for the first time in his political career that Sarkar has become much panic and filed case against opposition leader.

 It was Deodhar who several times could call Manik Sarkar as Aiyash-Mukhamantri that state's no other opposition leader could utter earlier. “Chopper rider Manik Sarkar  came via train to woo the votes by proving himself as  Gorib-Manush, Dukkhito, Lanchito Communist, but BJP’s rally was an answer to Manik Babu’s drama”, Deodhar said in a  rally at Kumarghat Deodhar also created roars at Kumarghat, “Manik Sarkar Haai Haai…” … “Bhrastachari Sarkar, haai haai”.

It was on June 22, that Tripura CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar has strongly condemned BJP led publication of Marathi Book 'The Red face of Anarchy in Tripura-Manik Sarkar', puncturing the image of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

The thought of the book is inspired by Deodhar's investigation against CM Manik Sarkar, it's well-known, although officially BJP didn't accepted the fact.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar who has been allegedly involved in Rose Valley chit fund case, has successfully kept his image ‘clean’ across the country till day. But with this book publication at national level by author Dinesh Kanji questions already raised on the ‘cleanest’ image of Sarkar across National media.

This book will be distributed in English, Bengali, Kokborok version across the country that has frustrated CPI-M highly, a source said. Deodhar's target against Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is to break down the common faiths of people on Sarkar and various false propaganda about him as he is the poorest, cleanest CM of India whether nobody knows what is happening in Tripura under the communist Era since 2 decades. Whereas in unemployment Tripura tops, in source of incomes and industrialization, Tripura is zero, but public's agonies have been remained under the curtails.

Infact the National Commission for Women Chairperson Sushma Sahu also expressed her surprises in her first ever visit in Tripura after she observed the rape case’s rates in Tripura. She accepted Tripura news never comes in National Media and never displayed in such manners they should be.

However with NDTV like channels aids till day Tripura's Manik Sarkar has successfully kept his image secure led him get awards as the best CM also by some communist backed associations.

Tripura Observer Sunil Deodhar during his speech at Mumbai highlighted these following few key points of corruption held under Manik Sarkar’s era :

1.     Tripura’s name is missing everywhere. In speeches, news also there is no mention about Tripura, successfully hiding the corruptions, Deodhar gave a detail cause behind it.

2.     "7 airports have been made for Tripura from 1020-1947. No runway was there but when Tripura's King did all major things, Communists  till day couldn’t do a partial task of it, neither the King was given proper respect after independence. Even the present airport also made by our king and Communists have done nothing", said Deodhar. 

3.     Atleast nation-wide Manik Sarkar has been kept an image as the best, poorest CM of India, resulting more suffering for Tripura people, which was best felt in UPA Govt's era, who never reviewed or checked the fund-utilization issues at Manik Sarkar's state.

4.     "From 80,000 unemployed youths, Tripura's unemployment rate has now gone upto 8 lakhs. In crime rate Tripura is first. Why such thing happening ? This is due to Communist policy to keep the crisis alive. Till poverty alive, communists are alive", said Deodhar at there pointing further with deprivation of poor in various Central schemes,

5.     Crime is highest and nobody wants to stay there. But 1 lakhs voters who are living outside the state their votes are also casted in Tripura is reason behind 97 % voting rates, which has been not possible across the country,

6.      Manik Sarkar’s fake display of communism again punctured by BJP leader Sunil Deodhar’s revelations on Chief Minister’s luxurious lifestyles of expensive cloths, watches, shoes earlier also in Tripura. "With his unending drama Manik Sarkar claimed that he donates his 5,000 rupees salary to his party and runs family with wife's what great work you are doing giving commission in that fraud party", said Deodhar.

7.     “Imaandar, Behat Imaandar..." are the keys of image construction which held in Jyotibosu’s era too.

8.     "All CPI-M Minister’s wives are in Govt jobs", Deodhar added. 

9.     Manik Sarkar imports his dresses from Panjab. However, he can bring from London too but why he boosts his image with party ladder as the cleanest Communist leader?', Deodhar said.

10.  All MLAs wanted Bimal Sinha to be the CM but due Nripen Chakraborty’s affection, Manik Sarkar became CM and within a month Sinha was murdered and till day his death has remained under mystery. This is Tripura where people are killed and no charge-sheet is created. However, Deodhar also mentioned only in Nripen Chakraborty was an ideal Communists only in state who practically carried a very ordinary lifestyle. 

11.  More than 1000 political murder remained in Tripura un-convicted,

12.  Killing 3000 people by creating riots CPI-M came in power, which is more than Gujrat riot but nobody knows about this and there lies Communist politics,

13.  Tripura is the root of Chit fund company Rose Valley. CM Manik Sarkar himself inaugurated entertainment park of Rose Valley and it’s CM who inspired poor people to keep their hard earned money but today no investigation against Rose Valley is held there and when CBI asked Tripura Govt gave a little amount of loss-figure that CBI rejected to run inquiry.

14.  JNU’s anti-national movement was run across Tripura by force. School’s children there are forced to walk in CPI-M’s student union SFI ralies.

Deodhar further asked to keep the books in various libraries so that his image get exposed to all.

With all these the election battle has been fired up when 6 months have left only for the election. 



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