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PM Modi meets every CMs personally 6 times in a year to review development’ : Arunachal CM hypes Modi Govt’s ‘work-culture’
PM Modi meets every CMs personally 6 times in a year to review development’ : Arunachal CM hypes Modi Govt’s ‘work-culture’

AGARTALA, Aug 10 (TIWN): PM Modi meets his Chief Minister 6 times a year as after every 2 months Chief Ministers have to submit their reports to check the review of projects-development in those state under their Chief Ministry. Although states unruled by BJP including Tripura, West Bengal the Modi govt has yet failed develop the work-culture so far. Pema Khandu, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh who for the 3rd time had visited Tripura mentioned that everyone has to work hard under PM Modi. “It’s not like that you are the chief minister, so you don’t have to work but you have to work hard, rather you have to excercise well before submitting the reports". Addressing a gathering at Agartala's Rabindra Bhawan premise, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu said, "Since 70 years of independence many prime ministers came but nobody is like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is the PM of India who looked at Northeast, whereas Congress and CPI-M had spoiled the work culture in my state too. 3 years ago Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister and what he didn't do for the nation's development ?"

 Various projects, yojnas, improving of foreign relations have been done under his Prime Ministry but in Congress era at Centre and CPI-M in states the work culture had totally spoiled in Northeast", said CM. 

Boosting Modi Govt's work culture the BJP Chief Minister said, "A Chief Minister has to work hard under PM Modi and there is no scope to escape from the work. It's not that you have cabinet and you will sit idle as the Chief Minister. In every 2 months every chief ministers has to meet and submit reports to the Prime Minister. For that you have to have a full connection with the ongoing projects of your state and must keep your memories sharp". "BJP has almost occupied Northeast with its developmental efforts and in Tripura also BJP will surely win in the next election", claimed Khandu.

"In Congress era the work culture had totally destroyed in Arunachal Pradesh and both CPI-M and Congress are mixed together in a same dais. But PM Modi's work culture has been effecting now in BJP ruled states", said Khandu.

"Since 3 years PM Modi is giving tremendous efforts to make a connection with every sections of the society. This Govt is fully a poor people's govt", said the Chief Minister.

"Due to lack of developmental attitude the Educated youths have been suffering from joblessness. Presently various policies are working to diminish the unemployment problems under PM Modi", said Khandu.

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