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Road blockage by Agriculture Dept's casual staffs demanding regularization
Road blockage by Agriculture Dept's casual staffs demanding regularization
PHOTO : tiwn

AGARTALA, Jan 12 (TIWN): After deputations, protests, gherao programmes Tripura's Agriculture Dept's staffs have blocked circuit house road today.

 The blockade led heavy traffic jam on the route.  The road blockade started from around 10 AM and continued for many hours. A huge number of police personnel were also deployed at there.

Resentments have brewed among the gardeners under Agriculture Dept, after via sources they heard a section of employees have been regularized by the state govt intentionally depriving a major section of gardeners.

Irregular Horticulture Dept's irregular staffs have been continuing their demands of regularization who are working since 18 years under Tripura Govt.

A deputation was placed to Agriculture Director D P Sarkar on Monday in this regard today once again.

The irregular agricultural staffs may go on hunger strike in coming days if any assurance to their long striving 'demands of regularization' is not given by Director.

Before placing the deputation the workers also met CM, Agriculture Minister Aghore Debbarma, Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha.

The irregular staffs have been demanding to be regularized since years but with various excuses, they are not provided with any specific answer by the Agriculture Dept.

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