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'Who permitted BJP, RSS to launch Go-Raksha move in Left ruled Tripura ?' : Manik Sarkar
'Who permitted BJP, RSS to launch Go-Raksha move in Left ruled Tripura ?' : Manik Sarkar

AGARTALA, Dec 13 (TIWN): Amid increasing cattle-smuggling via Tripura's borders, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar today while addressing at Bishalgarh election rally raised question why BJP had launched Go-Raksha move in Tripura amid a presence of a ruling govt. "If necessary, State Govt is here to take action. Who are you to start you Go-Raksha move in Tripura ? In the name of Go-Raksha, BJP is killing, attacking people across the country and now they have started it in Tripura". "Many poor people are lived on this cattle business, people are unable to arrange money for their daughters marriages, due to RSS, BJP's illegal empowering on minority's rights. Left will battle against such motives of BJP, RSS", added CM.

  "In our constitution it has been clearly written that what religion will be one's identity it's fully upto the person. Nobody has right to disturb one's religion but today it has been seen that only one religion is given importance. They are with their narrow religious mentality are targeting the minority, killing other religion's people. If we can not stop the aggressiveness, then there is no meaning of celebrating Independence day", he said.

"BJP ruled states are suffering highest. If people go out with cows, they are beaten by BJP, killed", said Sarkar.

"At Bishalgarh also, they tried to launch the same move, but CPI-M Govt has stopped their activities. If there are some issues, Govt will check. But who gave you permission to access you limits ?", said CM.

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